video surveillance bike room

We know very well how much a cyclist cares about his bicycle. For this reason, we have created a space inside our private garage entirely dedicated to all your trusted adventure companions!

Our Bike Room equipped with CCTV Security camera for video surveillance is dedicated to the parking and maintenance of your bike.

In our bike room you will find everything you need for its care: an approved hook where you can store it when you return from your outing, a special maintenance stand. There is also an area dedicated to washing and a map depicting the entire Romagna hinterland.

Excursions / trips on “out road” routes are organized (upon reservation) with an expert local guide, in order to make the most of an unforgettable experience.

Some examples of excursions:

half day:

– Departure from Villa Magda BB at 8.30 am, arrival at the castle of San Leo (around 10 am), short stop, return along the town of Maiolo, Arrival in BB at 1 pm

whole day:

– Departure from the Villa Magda BB at 8.30 am, arrival at the castle of Monte Bello (Torriana) at around 10.30 am, a short stop to then reach the Republic of San Marino scheduled for 1.00 pm stop in the historic center with free lunch. At 2.30 pm departure for the return to Novafeltria, arrival in BB around 5.00 pm

* Timetables are purely indicative, you will decide them according to your needs !!

The two excursions are just two recommended examples but our valley offers so much more !!

These are the hills where the pirate Marco Pantani, the great climber, trained and who achieved 46 victories during his career.

Our beautiful valley offers excellent “out road” routes also by mountain bike to discover our wonderful villages by bike.

This page is dedicated to “ECOTOURISM” and to all those who love sport, nature and adventure.

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